Farming Philosophy & Styles

When it comes to growing wine grapes, there are many farming philosophies and styles. They run the gamut from traditional methods of a tractor and plow to tapping into the latest technology like Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and remote weather stations that allows the farmer to gauge local weather conditions. It can range from agro-chemical approaches (using chemical fertilizers for nutrition and pesticides for pest management) to fully organic and biodynamic strategies.

Our attitude about farming is the same attitude we have about everything else in our business. We look for wisdom in the thinking, simplicity in the design, passion in the approach and excellence in the execution.

Our primary goal is to produce balanced, complex and tasty wines that express the terroir and vintage from which they come. In order to make the best wines, we believe it must start with the best ingredients. And that starts in the vineyard. We prefer hillsides to valley floor, organic farming to agro-chemical approaches and we feel the most important variable in the equation is the attitude of the grower and their commitment to excellence.

We seek out passionate growers that are committed to growing the best wine grapes possible. Since our wines are made as naturally as possible, we look for growers that farm with the same philosophy. At a minimum, our growers farm sustainably but our emphasis is on working with organic or biodynamic farmers.